Three generations of family winemaking tradition & knowledge

Tokoeka Estate Wines is a producer of fine international artesian wines servicing all markets globally.

Our story begins with Antonio De Filippo who was born in 1917 and migrated from Provinciale Potenza, Italy to Australia in 1955,  landing first in New Zealand.

It was Antonio De Filippo’s passion for crafting fine artesian style wines that first started the family’s journey into the production of boutique wines.

From the underground winemaking facility located on the family property, Antonio would teach his children and grandchildren generations of knowledge acquired from his Italian winemaking forefathers.

Today the family is proud to continue this tradition with Antonio’s grandchildren producing internationally renowned award winning premium wines from Asia Pacific, Europe and North America’s finest wine producing regions.

We will continue this legacy and always strive to deliver to our customers throughout the world brands of exceptional quality for our children to nurture and be proud of.

From our family to yours – Salut!